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SHIAOPAITSAI Co., Ltd. was the previous name of SHIAOPAITSAI Cosmetics Factory. In 1967, the factory was applied to the department of commerce of Ministry of Economic Affairs for the sake of establishment. At the beginning, we not only produced and sold Shiaopaitsai ointment and Shiaopaitsai stick, but also did the promotion at the broadcasting station.




With the time of being progressed, we had promoted San Mei Cosmetics series in 1971, which had founded many counters at several department stores, as well as had trained beauticians to serve for the public. There were more than 300 counters that had beauticians who resided in stores to do the service. We have trained many beauticians over 100 terms whose number of persons have exceeded 2,000 since 1971.




We had promoted San Mei Washing Cream and Castor Hair Care series in 1979¡Fbesides, we had done the advertisement in TV stations, newspaper and magazine. The reaction on the market was remarkable and the sales quantity was booming.




However, it was difficult to manage the beauticians because of the high personnel mobility¡F thus, we had transferred to become the subcontractor with regard to producing of the cosmetics and researching & developing the new products on behalf of customers since 1983.




In view of focusing on R & D and plenty of experiences, we have considered promoting the quality regarding the cleansing cream and skin care products very much. The responses from the markets are very good, such as Nantou Township Farmers¡¦ Association, Cih Tong Township Farmers¡¦ Association, Changhua City Farmers¡¦ Association, Ruei Suei Farmers¡¦ Association and Penghu County Farmers¡¦ Association. They provided their local natural farm produce to entrust us to finish various kinds of skin care, shampoo, shower gel products, in addition, many dealers have consigned us to produce sole cosmetics for selling.




We have enlarged our factory and changed the name as ¡§Shaiopaitsai Cosmetics Factory¡¨ in 2001 and continued promoting R & D for cosmetics, skin care and hair care products by means of professional know-how and excellent technology. Apart from the professional management concept, we have created the prominent goodwill because of high specification quality assurance system and management; but, we will not be satisfied with this, we continually research and develop to upgrade the technology and equipment so as to create higher quality with the better idea to map out more excellent and beautiful life.




We honorably have obtained the certification of International Quality ISO 9001;2000 in 2006.


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